born of merriment

We are a young winery from Veselí nad Moravou located on the Baťa Canal, sharing our love for good wine.

We enjoy unconventional production styles, playing with the harmony of flavors, and we treat each grape with the utmost care.


Discover our classic collection

Our new labels have been crafted through an exclusive collaboration with British artist Ashley Percival, whose portfolio includes collaborations with brands such as Gucci, Patagonia and Urban Outfitters.


A port you will always be delighted to return to.


We are gradually developing a complex revolving around our passion for winemaking, with the aim of creating a dock that you will always be happy to return to.

The winery has emerged from pure enthusiasm for quality wine and the desire to share it with everyone and anyone who appreciates it. Here, you can find classic wines rooted in Moravian tradition, light sparkling and sparkling wines, or spritzers inspired by our quests and adventures.


A port you will always be delighted to return to.


Endless journeys of discovery with Dog in Dock.

Dog in Dock is the place to be not only for wine, but also for natural beauty, culture and great food.

It's the ideal destination for a friendly get-together, an extended weekend in the apartments, or a family celebration in the renovated historic Orangery and the adjacent park.

The winery will be fully open for business in 2026. Its first phase – comprising apartments and a bistro – is set to open in May 2024.


Playful products with a playful twist

Our latest sensation is the fresh frizzante Bubbles & Barks. Not only can you savor it from cans adorned with Ashley Percival's cheerful illustrations that are interesting to the touch, but you can uplift your experience with the rhythm of a carefully-curated personal playlist.


Follow our Wine Truck

Follow the location of our wandering wine truck on our Instagram.

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